Meet passionate Service Year alums

Anna Lenhart

Founder & Director NGS Movement, AmeriCorps VISTA 2009

Alexandra Black-Paulick

Founder, Positive Impact Podcast, Campus Compact AmeriCorps, 2011

Josh Schukman

Founder, Social Change Nation, City Year, 2003

Alicia Herald

Founder, myEDmatch, Teach For America 2008

Evan Delahanty

Founder, Peaceful Fruits, Peace Corps 2011

Lisa Curtis

Founder, Kuli Kuli, Peace Corps 2011

Alex Bryan

Co-owner, Food Field, CA Conservation Corps, 2005

Kyle Wiggins

Co-Founder, Keteka, LLC., Peace Corps, 2010

Breannah Alexander

Founder, women reVamped, AmeriCorps, 2012

Shonak Patel

Co-founder Gather Education, Louisiana Delta Service Corps, 2009

Shane Gring

Founder, BOULD, AmeriCorps VISTA 2009

Jason Seagle

Cofounder and CEO, Vayando, Conservation Corps 1998, Peace Corps 2004

Nic Esposito

Founder of The Head & The Hand Press, AmeriCorps NCCC 2006

Neal Gottlieb

Founder, Three Twins Ice Cream, Peace Corps 2002

Patrick McLoughlin

Co-founder of Build Abroad, Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps 2010

Porsche Holland

Porsche M. Holland, Founder, Porsche Holland Consulting, AmeriCorps VISTA 2012 & 2013

Breyn Marr Hibbs

Founder, Sol Alchemy, AmeriCorps VISTA 2011

Kristin Caspar

Bosh Bosh, Peace Corps 2011 & WorldTeach 2009

Markey Culver

Founder, The Women’s Bakery, Peace Corps 2010

Raymar Hampshire

Founder & CEO of SponsorChange, AmeriCorps 2009