Service programs and long term service opportunities teach countless skills vital to successful entrepreneurs. What’s more they give you a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing society today.

This is why so many service alumni have gone on to become social entrepreneurs.

This conference is designed to empower individuals who are called to service with the to start socially minded organizations.

Behind the Scenes

Anna Lenhart and Alexandra Black-Paulick are two movers and shakers inspired by service.

Anna served as an AmeriCorps VISTA in San Diego for Shakti Rising. Following her service she founded the nonprofit NGS Movement to help other young adults incorporate service into their traditional career path.

Alexandra was a Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps member in Bozeman MT. She moved out to San Diego after graduating and met Anna at a networking event. Inspired by the vision of NGS Movement, she started volunteering and helping spread the mission.

Shortly after their meeting, Alexandra founded the Positive Impact Podcast to elevate the work of changemakers working to make the world a better place.

Both women attend countless entrepreneurship and nonprofit events, yet never hear about the role of service in social enterprise. Which birthed the idea of a conference dedicated to alumni of long term service programs like AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and religious service corps.